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What the Human Tragedy in the Tenderloin Says About San Francisco Politics

David Campos Endorsed by the California Latino Legislative Caucus

You already know the terrible facts — more San Franciscans are dying of drug overdoses than COVID-19. And nowhere is the problem worse than the Tenderloin — where political neglect has led to a humanitarian crisis.

The situation became so bad that in January the Mayor stepped in — while the Supervisor who is responsible for the Tenderloin stood silently behind her.

For three years, the Supervisor representing the Tenderloin, Supervisor Matt Haney, has tweeted, posted, and shared online nearly everything from the beer that he is drinking to the powerful people he meets. But when it matters most — he is silent. While vulnerable people die, he stands silent and even bristles at the idea that he is responsible for what happens in his own district.

Haney is not alone. All too often, this is politics today in San Francisco. Our politicians are judged on their social media presence — not their performance. Our candidates win or lose based on how much corporate money they can attract, not their policies. We spend billions — but we hold nobody accountable to success.

This must change. To save lives and to stay true to the soul of a city named after Saint Francis, this must change.

I am David Campos and I am running for Assembly to make change. I have dedicated my entire career to fighting for those who society has neglected. I was an early advocate for a safe injection site which, if it had opened, would have saved hundreds of lives. 

To address the crisis in the Tenderloin, I will require that every single county in California has a supervised and safe space where those suffering from drug addiction can go to get help — including treatment, safer alternatives such as methadone and supervised injection spaces. This will save lives, save money, and prevent a few neighborhoods like the Tenderloin from becoming overwhelmed while putting people in need of a path to recovery in a place where that recovery can begin.

I will do the same for the homeless — requiring the whole state to do its part so compassionate cities like San Francisco are not overwhelmed.

I will do the same on crime — by doing what works. We need mental health treatment, job training, meaningful jobs, and more trained personnel on the streets guiding the vulnerable into treatment. We don’t need a war on drugs. We need a comprehensive approach to the root causes of crime — starting with poverty.

My core policy rests on fair economic growth — so the use of “drugs of misery” are reduced because we reduce misery with stable, meaningful high-wage jobs.

I won’t confuse a tweet for an action. And I won’t be silent.  If you are ready to scream out with me — ‘this must change’ — I hope you will join us.

David Campos

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