David Campos

A Voice for All of Us

David Campos is mounting a campaign for State Assembly because it is time all of us are heard.

The powerful have their say. But as we struggle to recover from COVID-19, it is vital the communities who have suffered most are finally and fully heard in our State Capitol.

David Campos is organizing a grassroots and corporate-free campaign for State Assembly so underserved communities will have one of their own speaking out for them in Sacramento. San Francisco has never elected a Latinx individual to represent the City in the State Legislature. With David, the eastside of San Francisco has the opportunity to elect its first state representative who is formerly undocumented, gay, and Latino. 

For the last year, underserved communities, especially communities of color, have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. AAPI owned businesses and seniors were the targets of hate crimes, due to anti-Asian sentiment driven by the Trump administration. The lack of healthcare access in historically Black neighborhoods was a direct result of the history of racism we have not yet fully addressed. Statewide and locally, the Latinx community experienced the highest rate of infection and death. 

David Campos will be an authentic community champion fighting for us in Sacramento – If you believe that representation matters, join us today.

YES – I Support David Campos for Assembly!


David's story would be unique in the Capitol

but its not unique in our communities

At the age of 14, David carried his sister on his back as his family crossed the border escaping political turmoil in their native Guatemala. David’s family settled in Southern California where he learned to speak English in South Central Los Angeles’ public schools. Campos worked various jobs to put himself through Stanford University.

David was still undocumented while at Stanford — a true “Dreamer” working to lift up his community.

Campos then attended Harvard Law School where he met his husband of 20 years, Phil Hwang, a proud AAPI American. After graduating, David served as a Deputy City Attorney in San Francisco, working with SFUSD to desegregate our public schools.

In 2008, Campos was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, winning a seat previously occupied by his mentor, State Assemblymember Tom Ammiano. As the District 9 Supervisor representing the city’s Mission District, the Portola and Bernal Heights, Campos spearheaded numerous landmark progressive initiatives including:

YES – I Support David Campos for Assembly!


After serving his district for two full terms, Campos worked as a Deputy County Executive in Santa Clara County, where he led the establishment of the Division of Equity and Social Justice and the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement. During this time, David also oversaw implementation of the county’s $950 million housing bond which is spearheading the construction of supportive housing to address the growing crisis of homelessness.

Serving as the county’s Chief Public Information Officer, Campos was instrumental in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19, prioritizing protecting the most vulnerable.

David also served as Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. Under Campos’s leadership, the San Francisco Democratic Party organized thousands of activists who worked to defeat Trump at the ballot box and successfully flipped congressional seats statewide.

David is currently Chief-of-Staff to Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s progressive District Attorney. Boudin’s office has taken historic measures to reform the criminal justice system in San Francisco, including ending cash bail. Since David joined the team, crime rates have dropped while the office stays focused on fighting for a criminal justice system that treats every resident with equity, dignity, and justice.

David now serves as Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party, where he fights to elect leaders who will fight for us — starting with:

This Assembly seat could become vacant shortly— so in case it does, we need to act right now to make sure we elect a leader who will fight for all of us. Make sure our voices are heard by joining us today!

*David is not planning to run against David Chiu. This committee is being organized to mount a winning campaign when the seat becomes vacant.