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David Campos Launches Media Campaign with Video Biography Telling His Remarkable Personal Story

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Campos Pledges a “California Dream reborn for the years ahead”

The remarkable personal story of David Campos, who crossed an armed border with his sister on his back to find safety and opportunity in America, anchors a new campaign video released today – the first major media effort of any of the candidates for State Assembly in District 17.

Campos came to the US as a child with his family to escape violence and poverty in Guatemala. He went on to learn English in public schools, earn a scholarship to Harvard before becoming the elected Supervisor in District 9 in San Francisco where he fought for the rights of workers, green and affordable power, to protect immigrants, and for universal healthcare.

Campos is currently the elected Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party and is one of the leading candidates to fill the Assembly seat vacated by David Chiu, now San Francisco City Attorney.

“Like so many immigrants – I feel a special responsibility to the dream that brought my family here. But wherever we come from – we know where we want our state to be in the years ahead. We are fighting for a California where our shared dream of justice, health and
opportunity is available to all,” said Campos.

The video will be sent to all voters in the 17th Assembly District via social media and paid media in the weeks ahead.

The video script is below:

David Campos, “Dreams” Script

They say in dreams begin responsibilities.

And it was my parent’s dream for us to be safe, and free, and equal.

It was our dream to be in America.

The night we crossed the border, my mother asked me to carry my little sister on my back as we walked to freedom.

We crossed to safety. To opportunity. To a land where we could live without fear.

Our struggles were certainly not over. My father worked as a carpenter – at first for poverty wages.

My mother worked as a janitor. And there were many weekends I worked with her on our second or third shift in a row so we could pay the rent and put food on the table.

I learned English in public schools. I came out to my family and my community. I earned a scholarship to Stanford. And then Harvard law school. I worked as a lawyer to desegregate our schools and I was elected to represent the Mission District and District 9 in San Francisco on the Board of Supervisors. I fought for universal healthcare, for green and affordable power, for the undocumented, for an economy that worked for everyone – not just the billionaires.

I married the man of my dreams. I worked to protect our communities from Covid. And I fought to make our community safer – and more just.

Maybe when you have crossed an armed border to find a dream – you feel a special responsibility to that dream.

Our campaign is about taking responsibility for a healthcare system that is failing the poor, the undocumented, the unemployed, and too often people of color and replacing it with affordable and quality care – Medicare for All.

Our Campaign is about fighting to end hunger in California – now! In the richest state in the nation there is no excuse for hungry kids.

Our campaign is about taking responsibility for true justice – so all of us can live without fear of crime. And without fear of a criminal justice system that targets young brown and black people. We are fighting for more middle-class jobs so we put fewer people in jail.

Our campaign is corporate free – because to make real change, we have to change the way we elect our leaders.

Our campaign is about taking responsibility for our dream – for a California where we can find meaningful work, a better environment, safer communities and a place to call home.

The California Dream reborn for the years ahead.

Most of all, our campaign is about you – giving a voice to the people who have been left out and unheard.

I hope you will join us at CamposForUs.com – so we can move forward, together.

YES – I Support David Campos for Assembly!

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David Campos is fighting for Medicare for All, a true Living Wage and lower energy bills with a Green New Deal. Our opponent is backed by the landlords and private healthcare lobby opposing universal health care. But with your support – there is no stopping this movement!